Our Logo

Our logo is composed of three elements: a green plate, our
symbol and our company name Envac in white.

The aim is to clearly emphasize that all products bearing
this stamp have an obvious raison d’être in a sustainable
future. The symbol represents the pipe with which Envac
change and protect the planet for future generations. The
elements must always be used together and can only be
used separately in very specific cases. Our logo must be
used in all points of contact. It helps people easily identify
and recognise Envac’s products, websites, advertisements
and so on. The inlets in our installations must always have
the logo attached to their material (see separate section).
The logo should always be used with care and respect,
according to these guidelines.

Visually optimized

At a first glance, the green plate appears to be square, but it is actually not. It is 10% wider than it is high, for maximum optical effect.

If it had been completely square, the green surface would take precedence and the text and symbol would be smaller, making it weaker.

Envac’s logo is optimized for attention and readability.

Logo on drawings

This logotype is for use on drawings.

The name and icon are black, and you can choose with black outline or without.

The different file formats of the logo

An AI file is saved in vector format and can be enlarged indefinitely without losing its quality. Optimal for print and creating large expo productions.

CMYK stands for the four inks Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key-color (black). It is used for printed matters and is also called four-color printing.

PMS is an abbreviation for Pantone Matching System. It is a ready-mixed of so-called decorative colours. It is used for single colour printing.

PNG is a file format for images and is mainly used on websites and in digital productions.

Logo Colours

Our logo consists of a green square with white text on it. If you need a black and white version or have other questions regarding colour use, contact the Global Brand Manager.


  • Envac Green
  • Envac White


> See Colour Palette

Clear Space

Our logo is important, it should be given space. Use the following guide to ensure that other objects (texts, images etc.) never encroach upon the logo or the clear space.

Minimum Size

Our logo is bold and resilient, but there is a limit to how small it should be reproduced.

Logo Rules

Logo Placement

When using the logo on photos, presentation slides or other marketing material – leave space to the right of the logo.

This logotype should always be placed in the lower right corner of an image, increasing our visibility. No other combination of colours may be used.

Logo Embossed

The embossed silver logo may only be used on our products and only with special permission from the Global Brand Manager.

Logo Debossed

The debossed logo is always used on our inlets and similar products. If in doubt how to use it, contact the Global Brand Manager.


By using two brands together we symbolise partnership. Each brand always constitutes a set of promises that people associate with the company. So, care must be taken to ensure that we are not misrepresenting the product or service of either brand, confusing the market or worse – the end user. To make sure that we benefit from our partnerships with other brands, it is of utmost importance that we clearly and appropriately communicate our association in a correct manner.