Our Vision

To create smarter cities, improve quality of life today and help secure a greener planet for future generations.

Our Mission

Combining innovation and experience, we create and implement clean, clever and resource-efficient waste handling technologies, providing our customers with game-changing solutions for sustainability and quality of life.

”We enable smart, sustainable communities and power the circular economy by redefining how we think of waste – on this planet and the next.”

Our Brand Promise 

In short, our brand promise is: “We enable smart, sustainable communities and power the circular economy by redefining how we think of waste – on this planet and the next.”

If they don’t believe you? Say:

Envac is already redefining the way people manage, think and talk about waste all over the world – just scroll through our projects and installations! Our innovative waste collection system is playing a disruptive role in shaping and maintaining smart and sustainable cities. We are aiming to inspire, motivate and lead our customers into a greener tomorrow; encouraging them to join us in partnerships to future-proof their buildings, blocks, cities, regions and countries. We take great pride in using our AI-powered technology to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Tone of Voice

Our desired ”tone of voice” refers to the way we should use words, images and other communication channels  to convey and define our brand’s personality. Our audiences will feel and absorb our brand essence, understanding who we are and what we stand for. 

Our tone of voice helps us show that we are a brand with technical advantages, using purposeful magic with genuine aspiration and engagement. A consistent tonality will create the perception that something “sounds/feels like Envac” and should run across all touch points with our audiences.

Passion for innovative and sustainable change

We are all about forward thinking, progressive green development and providing solutions to the challenges future generations might encounter. 

By using modern, yet accessible words, to explain product benefits and effects from choosing us, we communicate our offering as a smart, cutting-edge, but also proven technology. We want to help, bringing change in the not-so-optimal ways waste is handled today. We focus on how this forms a big part of an environmental megatrend and goals for most of the countries and cities in the world today.

Aspiration towards the exceptional

The way we express ourselves should reflect our position as the experts and drivers of change that we are. We impart our knowledge and expertise to others in a generous, accessible and confident way. We use aspiring yet grounded descriptions to communicate ambitions, best practice, audacity and to enhance the benefits of our brand. We mention our use of ”AI” and other forefront technologies.


Checklist if going for passionated ...

Do we come across as committed?
Does it feel progressive and cutting edge?
Is it explaining the ”why” – we are in this 
business to help secure a sustainable future?

Checklist if going for aspirational ...

Are we speaking as confident experts and market leaders?
Are we communicating a clear vision of an ambitious and positive future?
Does it communicate best practice and our cutting-edge, forward leaning 
will to innovate and disrupt the status quo?